In the last week, we’ve rolled out Version 2.0 of Value Addon and everyone’s account has been upgraded to a better, faster, and easier to use Value Addon!

New Features Included:

  • New Site Owner and Admin Control Panels
  • Easier to use interface
  • New shorten navigation menu
  • Moved non-necessary items into the >Addons section or >Settings section
  • New version 2.0 support training videos at: http://valueaddon.com/training
  • New sign stats graph
  • Descriptive text added to descriptive Value Addon’s functions.
  • New “author toolbar” allow you easy access to preview site and manage your site
  • New shopping cart ordering stats
  • And much more…
  • Looking forward to launching my new membership site with all the cool new features of VAO 2.0

    • Value Addon

      Thanks Capt Lou, we’re glad to have you “on board” (pun intended) and we’re looking forward to seeing your fantastic new membership site with all your great content.

  • Thank you so much Joshua and the entire team at ValueAddOn for your constant effort to improve this platform. I truly appreciate it!

    • Value Addon

      Thank you Shelley, we’ve got more great features coming!

  • Greg Writer

    Looking fantastic

    • Value Addon

      Thank you Greg, stay tuned for our next update with more exciting features.

  • David Shillito

    Well done guys – thank you

    I am SOOOO grateful you enabled the ability to add custom copy to (such as) the login page – & HTML too – wonderful. That’s EXACTLY what I needed (given I’m using an external sales page & people sometimes coming straight to the top level domain page only saw a login, not a sales page!)

    May I ask how I can access the ‘thanks for subscribing’ & ‘registration’ pages to check against edits?

    IMO the ‘view the group’ button (see image attached) should STAY, and simply have an editable field somewhere in the dashboard to insert the link to a regular FB group, opening in a new window, natch

    Then if / when you integrate a custom or preferred “Private VIP Group” discussion gizmo / platform, the button can be re purposed.


    • Value Addon

      Great feedback about the FB widget button. I’ll pass this along to the team.

      As of now, you can’t preview the “thanks for subscribing” button without completing a test order since this is a dynamic thank you page URL. I would advise creating a new signup plan for $1.00 so you can test out the order process for yourself and see how it looks. This will also show you what the reg. page looks like too.