We regret to inform you that our wonderful FB Group Sync Tool is no longer available to new Value Addon customers. Unfortunately, facebook has decided to stop allowing access to their API’s that allow for the managing of facebook groups and their members. This doesn’t just affect us, but thousands of other developers all around the world.

The Good News:

If you’re an existing Value Addon customer who has already been using the FB Group Sync Tool successfully, then your group and your members will continue to be added and removed automatically untill October 17th 2016. At that time, Facebook will be deleting all API created groups and members access. This will give you some time to move your members out of that Value Addon managed group and into another group that you create.

The Bad News:

New Value Addon customers will not be able to use the FB Group Sync tool at all and existing customers will need to move their members out of that group or at least notify them that the group will be officially deleted on October 17th.

What is Value Addon doing about this change?

We are looking at other solutions that replace the similar functionality of Facebook Groups. We have been looking at commenting systems and forums however whatever we choose will have to be very simple to setup and easy to manage. Unfortunately, most forums and message boards systems are very complicated to setup, have low levels of interaction, and cost extra money. We will keep you updated on what tool we decide on when we figure this out.

*We will also be removing the FB Group Tool from our sales page and from the backend Site Owner Control Panel inside Value Addon.

While we’re sorry to see this feature go, we understand it’s part of running a software company and relying on 3rd-party APIs. This happens and we had access to this tool before anyone else for the past 3 years. We were the 1st company to bring this solution to the market and others followed.

We’ve always took pride in the fact that many of our features are the 1st to market and we continue to lead the pack with our simple platform and advanced features not found anywhere else.